Sunday, August 21, 2011

Mat leave.. when?

So I've been thinking that I'll take my mat leave two weeks earlier.. or.. take two weeks vacation time the two weeks prior to my official mat leave. Every time i think of doing it though, I feel guilty. Why? I have no bloody idea? I feel almost like I'm letting people down, because all along when I was trying to get pregnant, I told myself I would stay at work right up until my due date. What I wasn't counting on was how sick I would be for the whole time? I'm 27 weeks, and I'm still throwing up at least a few times a week, and feeling queasy anytime I'm not throwing up.

so really? I'm surprised that I haven't used a single sick/vacation day. I've gone to work through puking, colds, fevers, back pain from a pinched nerve, headaches... and I haven't complained (at least not loudly) so I shouldn't feel guilty about wanted to really focus on getting ready for the baby instead of being 9 months pregnant and stressing about stupid crap at work. I have a very stressful job, and I have no reason to feel guilty for not wanting to be there until the last possible second.

Also, in that two weeks, I could go to my sister's every day while the hubby goes to work... she lives closer to the hospital where I'm supposed to deliver, and it's practically on the way to the hospital from hubby's job.

I refuse to feel guilty for going on my mat leave two weeks before my due date. :/

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Skwishee said...

Feeling guilty is totally pointless, and you had NO IDEA how sick you would be. That's not something that can be predicted. And the last thing you need right before your baby comes is to be stressed out about work. As long as you give everyone plenty of notice (and you're very responsible, so I know you will), you've earned those vacation days and have every right to use them. And yes, you should visit your sister.