Thursday, April 19, 2012

It was a busy month

there was about a week there where I was so focused on feeding that I was driving myself insane. Des would get frustrated, I would get angry at myself and him, there's nothing much worse than feeling like you're being rejected by your own kid because you *can't* do something that is supposed to be so natural.. so I gave up.

each time I tried to feed him, he would scream.. I would cry.. we would both end up crying and exhausted.. and then I'd give him a bottle.. so after months of this, I gave up. I believe that I was actually hurting our relationship by trying so hard when I'm physically incapable of producing enough milk.

Without the feeding issue (he just takes bottles now, no nursing at all) we are both so much happier. He is sleeping better, and giving obvious cues as to his needs. I'm not as stressed and I know that he is more relaxed because of it. basically, we're all just a bit happier without having to worry about the next feeding.. it was the right thing for us.

Des is starting to settle into a schedule
530ish - night time bottle and back to sleep
7ish - wake up, cuddle with mummy while daddy takes a shower
8ish - play with daddy while mummy makes breakfast
830ish - breakfast time! sits up to the table with mummy and daddy.. so interested in watching us eat!
930ish- Daddy goes to work, nap #1
1030ish - wake up, bottle #1
11ish - morning walk :)
1230ish - nap #2
130ish - wake up, bottle #2
200ish - play with mummy, tummy time
300ish - nap #3
400ish - wake up, bottle #3
430ish - independant play (tummy time, exersaucer, play mat, assorted toys for reaching)
500ish - monday/wednesday/saturday - Bath time Tuesday/thursday/friday/sunday - read a book with mummy
530ish-Bottle #4
600ish- Cuddles with mummy
630ish - Bed time Zzzzzz
usually he sleeps for a good long stretch here
1030ish - Bottle #5 and back to sleep

I have no idea if I'm doing it right.. or if I'm supposed to be doing something differently. I didn't decided on any times for any of the activities we do in a day, I followed his cues and we established this routine based solely on his needs.. now I try to stick to it (within a half hour or so) so that he doesn't get too cranky if I miss him rubbing his eyes or something. Having a routine is so important, and has helped our little family so much.

My sister might be moving into my neighbourhood! :) more on that later, it's time for bottle #5

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