Thursday, April 26, 2007

April 26th, 2007 (again)

so, things I love about people got me to thinking about things I love about life, living in general, the world.

1)hard rain on a hot night. standing right in the thick of it and not giving a shit about how wet I get.
2)wet sand between my toes
3)the sound of rain on a tent
5)laughing, not just a giggle. full out can't-breathe-it-hurts laughing.
6)lying down and staring at the stars
7)the wind on my face
8)knowing wtf I'm any situation.
9)good friends. the kind you can tell anything to and they won't recoil in disgust.
10) love. be it fleeting or lasting, friendship or relationship.
11) hot tea on a cold day, when you're so cold you can track it all the way down when you swallow
12)waking up in the morning, feeling very warm, with a cold nose. cold nose weather is my fave.
13)the colour purple. everything just seems more pleasant when it's purple.
14)having a good hard cry when you don't *need* to. it's refreshing.
15)a lilac tree the morning after the years first snowfall. before it starts melting and/or starts getting knocked around. so every branch is coated.
16)getting dirty without thinking about doing laundry
17)reading by flashlight
18)a quiet beach, with hard waves and a loved one.
19)feeling sexy... hasn't happened in a while, but it rocks when it does.
20)being able to help/care for people.
21)removing a splinter, it's a weird sense of achievement when you beat that tiny piece of wood/metal/glass. take THAT splintabitch!
23)hot tubs in snow.
24)spacious rooms, where if it's quiet enough, your footsteps echo just slightly.
25)a child's laughter. not the creepy kind, but the peek-a-boo giggle.
26)driving long distances.
27)sitting in the country. where the stars are bright, and there are no sirens
28)my cat's purr. no matter my mood, if he purrs in my ear, I'll smile.
29)sitting on the dock at the cottage with a vodka cooler, a pack of smokes, and a good novel
30)a reallllly good home-made chicken noodle soup.
31)brownies. not eating them, but making them.
32)the smell of the air after a hard rain
33)a full moon. where you don't need any source of light and the whole world is lit anyway.
34)seeing a friend and having their eyes light up because they missed me.
35)being appreciated.
36)a good horror flick
37)dark movie theatres
38)the dark in general. I much prefer to sit in the dark than have a light on.
39)touching. I'm very touch oriented. holding hands, a kiss, a hug.. to be in someone's arms.
40)waking up and having nothing hurt... god I miss that feeling.
41)walking in heels
42)kittens, puppies, children. innocence at it's best.
43)a hot bath, as long as I can take it.
44)a kiss on my neck, nothing can beat that.
45) feeling wanted/needed.
46)stretching...especially my legs.
47)a cold day with a bright sun. no burning.. just warmth on my bare skin.
48)the smell of pine in the morning to accompany my coffee. real pine.. no artificial scents for this chicky.
49)wearing no makeup and not having to worry about running into people I know. god i miss the cottage.
51)good programming on tv. I hate when there's nothing to watch.
52) a good joke, and someone with a sense of humour that can handle mine.
53)the smell of leather.
54)shy smiles
55)kind eyes
56)knowing I can count on someone when I need them.
57)selfless acts
58)supportive people...I need to have them in my life.
59)people who don't judge me.

there are more I'm sure. but I'll just assume that the reader(s) are bored of my list :oP

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