Monday, February 8, 2010

*sigh* eventually, I'll get good at writing

I always forget that my blog is even here. Then one day I remember, come and write a bit.. and forget for another year.

I'll try to remember, and at least update it every few months. That I can promise.. any more and I'd just end up breaking it.

So last I wrote, I had two jobs (left), I ended up quitting one. I was splitting my time ineffectively and was exhausted. I wasn't doing my best at either job and so I chose my dream job/career with decent pay, and a great working environment over the wicked benefits and.. oh.. right, that was the only up side to that one. Anyway, it all worked out. I've been at my dream job for almost a year now and it's still my dream job.

I moved into my bigger, better, private-r place, and a few months late, bear moved in with me. It's awesome living here, and with him :o) We are geeks, we have a menu laminated on the fridge and we actually stick to it. I'm still trying to teach him some chores but he's a quick learner.

I'm home from work for two weeks (not really by choice)
I had surgery last week, and I'm on day 6 of my recovery. I feel like I could kill someone it's so painful. I can't sleep for longer than the duration of my pain meds, and every time I try I wake up writhing. I just want the pain to end!

Since I'm here for the rest of this week and some of the next, I'll likely write again.


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