Monday, April 26, 2010


not too much has happened. I recovered from my surgery, obviously.

I'm getting a bit panicked about planning this wedding.
Venue, check
Dress, check.
officiant, check.
bridesmaids dress, check
flower girls dresses picked out, check
bouquet bought, check
invitations bought, check (still need to do 'em though.)

so why the hell am I so panicked? I have NO BLOODY CLUE.

This weekend I'll go with my seester and mum and measure stuff out at the venue, come up with some decorating ideas and such, and hopefully ease some of this anxiety.

I just found my sister's blog. I haven't read anything I didn't already know, but it's still sort of neat.
oh, and I made this blog public. I wonder if anyone will ever read it.

Everything at work is going great. I love my boss, we'll just call her Boss. She is a hell of a lot like me, and in all the ways that make it easy to get along with her, not any of those things about me that I can't stand. we agree on just about everything, and our philosophy about our job meshes perfectly. unfortunately, she is only covering a maternity leave.. and so in December, I'm going to have to get used to someone new and lose who has become a very good friend.

I think that's the point that we'll start looking for places north of the city. if I have to start over with a new boss, i might as well start looking for a whole new job since I want to move anyway right?

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