Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Lonely.... I'm so lonely... I have no-bodyyyyy for my owwwnnN!!!

had that song stuck in my head all day.

I have a new baby. She's adorable and looks like an alien. She's got the sweetest temperament, and loves to cuddle. Her transition is going really well, she latched on to me within the first half hour or so.

The down side of this lovely angel baby at work? it makes me want my own that much more.

Bear/Pea/the hubby isn't ready.. which I understand. Financially we're not exactly set up to have a baby right now. I completely get that he's not ready, and deep down I know that WE aren't ready.. but I want one.

I'm glad I didn't write a few days ago. I had one of those everything-goes-wrong-all-at-once kind of days and I'm sure the post would have been massive and very negative. Trying to stay positive because everything just goes smoother when I do.

I have to buy a dress. now, this may not seem like a tremendous task to most women.. but I am definitely not like most women. I hate dresses or skirts, I don't like to dress up. I wear mostly black and nothing I own is suitable to go to a wedding in.
*sigh* I hate shopping :o(

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Skwishee said...

dude.. it's "I'm MR. Lonely..."
also - I hate shopping too.
And: try to enjoy the time before the baby instead of wishing you had one - you know you'll have one eventually, and then you'll look back someday and wish you had.