Friday, May 14, 2010

new job? what? :oD

so it's not really "new". It's a promotion, that I had to apply for.

for months now, the big big big boss, has been trying to get the ball rolling to get someone into the assistant position at my workplace. FINALLY they did an internal posting and I jumped at it. More pay to do the job I'm already doing? I'm in!

I applied and the only person who seemed to dislike the thought of me getting the position is my own cousin. the person who got me the job in the first place was making all sorts of snarky comments about how I would likely have a harder time getting the job than I think. well PBLTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTTT! on him. I got it!

on a less happier note. My kitty had to go to the vet today. The other day I noticed what looked like a minor eye infection, but yesterday it got much worse and his eye was pretty well gooped shut. also, he had a loose tooth. poor thing, he was wincing every time he ate. so the vet opened his eye and said "yup, conjunctivitis" and then opened his mouth and said "yup, loose tooth" and yanked it out! O.O kitty didn't even yelp, I think the second of pain was worth it to get rid of what must've been driving him insane.

so now I have an ointment for his eye and the vet's word that the bleeding in his mouth will stop... now I'm just wondering how long he'll be hiding in the storage space behind the bed and if he'll ever cuddle with me again.

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