Sunday, November 21, 2010

My cat

He's not the smartest thing in the world.

He's adorable, and cuddly.. but he thinks he's a dog. He comes when called, he begs.. Today, he even farted.. then looked around as if to accuse me.. and then he actually sniffed the air and fired a dirty look my way before being so offended by the smell that he left the room.

He plays fetch with hair ties.. he chases them, and then returns them so I can toss them again.. all in all, I think he's confused about what species he really is.

He has an incredible personality, and lots of it, but stick a mouse in front of him and he runs into walls, puffs up his tail and acts as though he's about to die. He's not the greatest mouser.

It may seem strange to some that my cat is such a big part of my life, but unlike some cats that just sleep all day and have the occasional snooze on their owners lap, he is *always* with me. When I get home he greets me at the door and from that point on he is either following me to my next destination, or he's laying on/beside me. It's hard not to have him be such a big part of my life when he throws himself into whatever I'm doing. When I do laundry, he sits on the stairs and watches me.. when I fold laundry, he picks the darkest, most cat-hairable pile and stretches out on it. No matter what I'm doing, he is most likely *in* it. None of this really bothers me.. I find it cute.

I realized that I don't very often mention him.. which is odd. because he does tons of stuff that makes it into daily conversation. Right now, he is laying across my arms and impeding my typing.. but because he's snoring.. ever so slightly.. it's too cute to move him. I can't ever see my life without a cat.. I've never been without one extraordinary kitty in my life :)

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