Sunday, March 20, 2011


So the hubby and I have been trying to get pregnant for about a year. I'd begun thinking that it may never stick. I went through two miscarriages (both very early on, so nothing invasive had to be done) that were disheartening but then, this month my period never arrived. I of course tested the day i was due and got a negative and figured I was just late... again. Then I tested after three days because I've never been *that* late before.. still negative. Hunh.

On saturday, after I was 7 days late, I tested again. I sat there and watched the control line turn dark pink and around the two minute mark, I thought maybe I had wished a second line into existence! It was so faint that I decided to ask my hubby if he could see it and he could! he hugged me and told me (gently) that we'd seen this before and to just hold off on getting too excited.

This morning (sunday) I tested again, I needed a second chance and there was that line again, even darker! definitely a line this time, no doubt about it. I'm still cautiously optimistic, but there's really something there this time, and I'm hoping that because everything feels so different this time (actually having some symptoms that I never had before, the fact that I didn't test positive until later on, this time.. I just *feel* pregnant.. I wish I could explain that), that it will stick. *crosses fingers*

If all goes well, I'll have a baby just after my birthday! :)

Also, I have a job interview this week (hopefully) to see if I got the big promotion. I may have a baby, a new job, and have moved by november. So exciting.. and all a bit overwhelming now that I think about it.