Monday, May 30, 2011

Month #4... again?!

So I had my ultrasound (pic in previous post) and just had my follow up appointment today, three weeks later.
I wasn't panicked because I saw my baby, and heard the heartbeat.. so as far as I care, everything is good.
Today, I found out that people can just change your due date all willy nilly! I'm now due November 30th...( getting closer and closer to my neice's birthday.. my sister will be thrilled!)

I thought that once you had a due date, that was it, but I was mistaken. People can just say "newp! it's too small, our estimate was wrong" well bah.

Now at least, some things are explained. I didn't test positive until a week later than I should have. I got sick at 8 weeks, not 6 like most people (but it was actually 6 weeks). Yay! here's hoping that this means I'm not SOL and will stop being so nauseas soon.

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Skwishee said...

Beege was actually due on the 23rd... your baby could be born halfway to Christmas! :)