Tuesday, May 8, 2012

and then my back deck started growling

I stepped outside last night to put a bag of garbage in the can outside, and heard a very distinct snarling/growling/scary-as-shit noise coming from below me. I jumped of course, and the noise continued. I of course, ran *away* from the house rather than into it, because I'm one of those people who in a horror film run into the abandoned building rather than away from it. I seem to, in the face of danger, do the worst thing possible. I'm fairly sure that if there had been a moving vehicle in my yard, I would have jumped into its path..I was scared to death! but that's beside the point.

There is something *living* under my deck. This morning I went out hoping that whatever the thing is (probably a chupacabra) would be asleep, and i looked for an entry point.  I couldn't find a single place that something could have gotten under there. All of this is leading me to believe that whatever it is, originated under my deck.. so I can only assume that my backyard breeds demon beings that will be waiting around to eat my feet.

Totally living under my deck.


Skwishee said...

Could be a skunk - they're kind of growly. Try shooting some moth balls under there, that'll drive away some of the furry little beasties... although chupacabras might just eat them.

Pyra said...

I'm thinking it's a raccoon mum and her babies, because there are tiny little whimpers amongst the growling.. so I'm hesitant to do anything about it because I don't want her to abandon her babies, or have them get hurt in the process of leaving :o( I think I'll just give it a month or so because if it is babies, she'll move them out as soon as they're big enough to get their own food..