Friday, May 25, 2012

wait.. you mean he's gonna.. do .. stuff?

so I had gotten pretty used to propping des up on the couch while I went to make myself breakfast.. or leaving him laying on my bed so I could have a shower.. it was working, there was peace in my house.

about two weeks ago, I left him in the middle of my bed the way I had a million times before, and I went to have a shower. There I was.. getting all covered in suds and shaving my legs for the first time in four months or so.. and I had *no* idea the horrors that were occurring just one room away.

I got out of the shower and leisurely dried off.. no rush here!

I walked into the bedroom.. and there was my baby *THIS* close to the edge of the bed. IMMINENT DOOOOOOOM!!!  He was actually laying about his body width to the right of where I left him, now on his tummy.. head raised and smiling at me, but yeah.. dooooooom.

my world.. will never be the same.


Skwishee said...

Aren't ya glad I gave you a playpen?

Skwishee said...