Monday, August 6, 2007

Spirituality and my faith.

I have always referred to myself as atheist. I do not believe in one true God. I don't believe the story or adam and eve, or the garden of eden. I don't believe in a vengeful God, or one that would punish His children, should they go astray. and here is my explanation for that.

 I watch over people. I try to do right by everyone. I refuse to believe that any parent...God or otherwise, would purposefully damn their child/ren to an eternity of suffering. Hence my disbelief in any sort of hell, or limbo-esque place. Heaven, would only exist if a hell existed, seeing as there is no need to reward if you do not punish. this is why I believe in reincarnation of some sort, in some sense. I believe that all animals are around after they pass away, as are people.

I believe very strongly that we are not watched over by any one being, but that spirits, or thoughts, carry over after a loved one passes, to support and guide in times of need.

Neo-paganism seems to the be the "religion" that best suits my beliefs. it is the only religion that does not have a set guide to follow for your life. it is very simple in that you must do right by others to have others do right by you. if you are a "bad" person, and you hurt people, you will get hurt. Karma I suppose. but an argument for that point would very easily be "bad things happen to good people as well". I'm a good person, now. I am still paying for my past, and probably will continue to do so until the day I die. karma is not for any one person. we are constantly breathing in pollution, just as we take in bad thoughts... it's hard to explain I guess. we feed on each other's karma, not just our own.

I love the term "blessed be". it's a non-preachy version of "God bless you". blessed be means very simply, be well. may you have good fortune, and may good thoughts stay with you.

I'm not intending to be preachy.. but I have never once felt as though any faith suited me. and the more I read, the more I agree. neo-paganism can suit just about any belief that is not in any other religion. *shrug*. does that make me a pagan? is it that easy?

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