Sunday, August 5, 2007

Paganism, and faith in general.

so, been reading. The term, pagan, is derived from the Latin word, paganus, which means a country dweller. okies, I'm hooked.

Reincarnation (rebirth of the body into another bodily form) was believed by the people, but they did not believe in the existence of heaven and hell.

Today, Paganism (neo-paganism) celebrates the Earth, living creatures, nature, and so on. Most modern-day pagans believe in more than one god, while others are atheistic.
... okies, more hooked.

the book I was reading goes on to explain the major differences between christianity and (neo)paganism. including: Biblical Christianity teaches that the Bible contains God’s words and message to mankind. It is infallible and inerrant. Paganism does not have one main religious text or set of beliefs to follow.

That is the major thing that I love about paganism. I have never believed in the bible. how could God, a supposedly perfect being, create anything so full of contradictions? I don't believe in god, and if I do, I believe in many gods. mother earth, gods and goddesses of nature, love, fertility...

paganism and wiccan traditions don't go hand in hand. Shug was a pagan, but only windy practiced any wicca.. I'm not so sure I believe in wicca. I do believe in the karma aspect, but I don't believe in the whole magick thing. moving stuff with your mind being a learnable ability and stuff like that. this is actually some pretty interesting stuff, and if nothing else.. it's keeping my mind off the stuff that's really bugging me lately

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