Wednesday, August 8, 2007


so I've decided I want some. I've wanted some for a while, but now that I know I'll be making some money once I'm out of school, I can actually start thinking about what I want, the symbolism of it, and where on my body I'd like to get them.

there will be lots of pictures in this entry.. :oD

this is the goddess symbol. I have always believed very strongly that in every woman there is a goddess. women are amazing creatures.. we can endure so much, and always bounce back to some extent. and in the center moon, a celtic love knot. showing enduring, and unconditional love
these would be just like a knecklace just below my collarbones, and held in place by a chain of vines... I need to draw all these together to give you the gist of it... but there are three very meaningful symbols to me all in one design.

the second tattoo I want is a fairly large one, spanning from my left hip to my left ankle. the right side of your body is related to masculine/physical energies and the left side related to the feminine/emotional energies. this is a very feminine tattoo, and comes from the very emotional part of me. there is nothing masculine about it, so I chose the left side of my body.

It will be vines, starting their growth from my ankle, entwined in the vines will be the names of all those people who have shaped my life for the better. my family (some of them anyway), my friends, my passed loved ones, my animals. as more people come into my life, my tattoo will grow to include more vines, and more names. and a flower, or thorn for major events in my life. depending on whether they are good or bad. This tattoo is going to be extremely important to me, its a piece of artwork that I have been working on for the past decade or so, and to have it be a permanent part of my body is special to me.
I like these vines. lacking in the thorns and blood though. I like the way they are tight knit and realistic.

two pieces of art, with very close to my heart meanings. now, to find an artist that can actually do them.

I've also been reading about ailments, and what they could possibly mean. my wrist, and shoulder:

Let's say you have problems with carpal tunnel in your right hand. When the carpal tunnel becomes inflamed it tightens around the nerves in your hand. Causing a tingling in the thumb, index and middle fingers. Because it's on the right side, we can point to an issue you're having with a male figure in your life. Or with the physical things that are occurring within a situation you're involved in. We can see how the tightening can seem like you're being squeezed unfairly or unjustly.

From here no book can give you an answer. You need to look at the situations in your life and determine what the situation could be. Are you treating yourself fairly, or are you involved in a situation involving a male person where you feel they are creating or involved in an unjust situation.

and my shoulder:

Let's say you have tightness in your shoulders continuously, day in and day out. Define for yourself what do your shoulders do? What function to they perform? They carry things, they carry the heavy burdens, carrying the weight of the world on your shoulders. In this example, we're not talking about the left or right side, but both. So how does that correspond to situations? Well, you still have a right and left shoulder. So in this case, we're talking about how you feel you're carrying the load both emotionally and doing all the things life requires you to do physically. This could mean you're responsible for always carrying for the kids, the house, the chores of the house, cooking, grocery shopping and so on. Having no down time for yourself. This can be overwhelming and can often make you feel like you have no emotional support at home for all the things you're doing either.

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