Thursday, June 23, 2011

17 weeks

so week 16 was much the same as the previous 10.. I was sick, often.
This week however, I feel a bit better. no puking, no nausea.. and it lasts all day. I don't want to jinx anything, but I think the worst may be over.

Also, I seem to be starting to show! I'm not the smallest woman in the world, so to most, I just look like I gained some extra weight, there is no telltale "bump" but people who see me every day are starting to notice. Also, my clothes are getting wayyyy too tight. Luckily, my husband's-coworkers-wife just gave birth to her fourth child in under four years (twins in the middle!) and so she is ridding herself of anything maternity in an attempt to curb the urge to keep trying for a girl.. (four boys, poor lady). so I get it all! it's mostly not my style, but hell... maternity dress pants are eeeexpensive, I spent 110 bucks on two pairs, which may not seem like much to people who shop, but I avoid shopping like the plague and see that as a crazy waste of money.

So anyway, I have more than enough shirts, I wear everything huge already so all my old shirts will work til I give birth, but pants are another story, and now I think I'm set. I think there were about 12 pairs that work well for me. awesomesauce :)

also, I may *crosses fingers* be going to the hubby's friend's cottage the weekend after next. If I do, I'll just sit around all day and relax and watch his silly friends get drunk and do stupid things. I've never been much of drinker, so I've always enjoyed watching others get shitfaced and stupid :D

here's hoping! yay for relaxing. If I can't go there, I'll go stay with my parents, at least it's green there. I can't stand being stuck in my apartment for a whole day. While I know that I can get out and go for a walk or something, I don't really like being downtown. too many people.. stupid people. When I spend a whole day in the apartment, I get a kind of cabin fever I've never experienced before... another reason why I know we're going to have to move before our lease is up.. but that's a whole other story...

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Skwishee said...

Yay for no puking and free maternity pants!! :)