Sunday, June 26, 2011

Where I'm from - Stolen from my sister.

I am from pink angel/princess sheets, from Laura's subs and no name frozen yogurt.

I am from the house between the fire hydrant and the jungle house. From the greenest street in the neighbourhood, with by far the most cats.

I am from the rosebush in the backyard), the tree fort in an actual tree, and the rope ladder used to get up to it.

I am from turkey dinner on thanksgiving and musical chairs without the music, from my crazy drunken relatives and .

I am from the Nosiest women in the world and being kind to everyone around you.

From stepping on a needle being the cause of a heart attack and being careful not to eat an orange just after drinking milk.

I am from believing what I can see, and feel. The wind in my hair, the warmth of the sun, the grit of the earth underfoot, and helping others whenever I can.

I'm from Canada and England, Stuffing with chestnuts, and mincemeat pie

From the time my brother saved my sister from drowning, the family cat, who tried to climb into my crib when I was a baby and all the animals that came to visit and ended up staying.

I am from a slew of unorganized photos in boxes in my parents basement.


Skwishee said...

The treehouse was on stilts! :) Rope ladder and a tire swing...

I <3 you!

Pyra said...

you're right! it was just right BESIDE alda and florendo's tree.. before they actually lived there.. I think it was the two little boys way back then, or maybe it was kalli and tini?

Skwishee said...

We started out with Frenchie and Elsie living there. I liked them... they made us caramel apples.