Monday, June 27, 2011

18 weeks

another week gone. Feeling pretty okay now. No vomiting (except for this morning, which I think may have been more anxiety than pregnancy since I was in for a very busy, stressful day)

My blood pressure is a bit high, but in my defense, my work cell phone was ringing like crazy while I was in my appointment, and so I was a bit worried about what was going on there.

Work is going well, for now. just bloody tiring!

so I'm in the process of working out my "birthing plan". figuring out who will be there, what we'll do, all that junk. I'm not sure I'm brave enough to commit to no pain meds... but I'd like to try.

*shrug* I have a few more months to think about it, at least.

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Skwishee said...

I'm going to be there! (If you could manage to do it on a weekend, that would be a lot easier for me.) :) And remember - writing down that you don't want any pain meds doesn't mean they won't give you any if you ask; or stop them from suggesting it and asking you why you don't want any. :\