Monday, July 4, 2011

19 weeks

So this past weekend was a long weekend. It didn't really feel like it though :o(

On thursday evening, we drove for three and a half hours (NOT FUN) over many a dirt/bumpy road, til we got to the hubby's friend's cottage. It was pretty, and right on a lake, and I did a lot of relaxing, which I really did need.

we came back saturday evening, adn then had to go to his families annual picnic.. it was hot, and we were there (barely walking distance to washrooms) for almost 8 hours. I love his family, but I think I can only handle anyone in fairly small doses lately. I get tired really easily, have so much trouble working up an appetite because for so long I've been so nauseous, that I'm not much fun. hopefully, I'll get over this whole sickness thing and be normal again sometime soon.

I felt the baby kick! It's was Tuesday June 26th, at 11:09 am. I had felt little movements (that could easily have been gas) before this, so I didn't count them, but this was a definite kick. It was so weird! and it didn't stop! I started getting teary, and everyone at work thought I was a bit strange, but I don't care.

Since then, it's at least once or twice a day that I feel a really strong kick. :) such a strange feeling, that I really wish I could explain to my husband.. or that he could share it at all. I can't wait til he can feel it too.

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