Monday, July 18, 2011

21 weeks!

So I'm feeling a hell of a lot better about everything now that I went to see my doctor. I found out that we're having a ...


GIRL!!! :)

the hubby says he won't believe it until she is in his arms... but he already started calling "it" "her"!

we also found out that she is healthy, and growing just as she should be. I keep losing weight, but the baby is healthy and right on track, so I'm not panicking anymore.

Also, the doppler that I ordered arrived today. is awesome. Canada post was delayed by a day, but if it weren't for them, I would have gotten it in one business day. They shipped it out the evening that I ordered it :)

Today, the hubby and I got home after the appointment, and listened to the baby's heart beat... it's so awesome :)

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Skwishee said...

yay girl! I told you you were fine... despite their size and relative helplessness, they're freaking tough, babies are.