Monday, January 30, 2012

it certainly *looks* fun...

The baby showers and house warming parties are done. We're all settled in to the new house. We're organized, and everything has a place.. well... almost everything.

When we did our babies r us registry, we wandered around and scanned a ton of stuff, trying to get a variety of prices. We scanned stuff we NEEDED and stuff that we sorta wanted, and then we scanned frivilous stuff, that we thought that Des would enjoy.. so where some people might get an exersaucer like this one :

we decided to scan a slightly different one. the hubby said "ha! no one will ever get us that thing" *scans barcode while laughing maniacally*.. so yesterday, when his grandparents walked in carrying a huge box, I shot him a look.

so after everyone left, he and I opened it up and started to put it together. the instruction manual is 22 pages.. and there are some intricate workings!

example: place 1 1/2" spring into slot A turning until leg (C) snaps into place. Ensure correct installation by pulling on (O) and releasing. gliding ring should move smoothly into locked position

it took us an hour and a half, and 12 AAA batteries, but now, This thing is in working order, ready to use as soon as Des is big enough for it! It is pretty awesome, and way more extravagant than I would be able to justify buying for him. He has some pretty great relatives :o)


Skwishee said...

Ha! Doesn't that match the tummy time thing they gave you? What are you going to do with the exersaucer I gave you?

Pyra said...

you gave me a jolly jumper.. not an exersaucer, silly.

This one is actually a three stage thing, it's a tummy time mat, an exersaucer and then it comes apart and turns into an activity table.

the jolly jumper I can only use in the basement and upstairs where there are proper door frames, this one is going to stay in the kitchen and/or living room I think