Saturday, January 14, 2012

Yay, Hot tub! <-Sarcasm.

with the purchase of our new house, we got a hot tub! great, right?! wrong. so very, very wrong.

1. We moved in, December 20th... cold temperatures.
2. We have a new baby.. and we moved in December 20th.. no time.
3. Somewhere in our lovely hot tub, there is a leak... More maintenance required.

The hot tub has been a huge pain in the ass since we arrived. We need to add water to it every few days, or the bloody thing shuts down and the temperature drops rapidly. Unfortunately, now it seems to have kicked the bucket entirely, and won't heat up. It is the coldest day of the year so far, and the hubby and I are going to be attempting to drain and winterize the thing so we don't have to worry about it until the spring, when we will fill it, fix it, and sell it. Never again. Hot tubs are great in theory, but unless you plan on having another hobby (we have enough on the go already) then you're just asking for trouble.

It would have been nice if we could have used it, but when we sell it in the spring, the hubby has agreed to let me get the soaker tub of my choice for the new bathroom we'll be putting in. mmmm soaker tub...


Skwishee said...

nice. I told you that hot tub would be a pain in the ass. People should listen to me, I'm so freaking smart. Are you going to put the soaker tub in the basement bathroom?

Pyra said...

not sure yet, depends if we decide to put a tub down there, or just a sink and toilet