Monday, January 2, 2012

The move, then christmas, then christmas take two, and three, and four.. new years.. SHOPPING!!!

We moved in two weeks ago. so far, we've spent about 5 thousand dollars on furniture, decor, bedding... Stuff we need, and stuff we don't, but really really want.

but I'll start at the beginning. The evening before the move, we drove up to drop off the cat at my parent's house.(I didn't want him being terrified by all of his surroundings disappearing and strange large men stomping all over.) We went by the new house to clean a bit before we moved in the next day.

O.m.g was there a lot to clean. There was a pile of parmesan cheese int he back of the fridge that had turned mostly greenish black. There was beef blood (at least I hope it was beef's blood) splashed in the back of the fridge, and soooo much old spilled juice.. it was disgusting. that took us the whole evening to deal with

since we moved in we've discovered a few more minor flaws...:
-the washer was caked with mold on the inside. cleaned it about 99%.. still smells musty, but it seems there's not much we can do about that.
-mud room door didn't close properly, so the lock didn't work. new lock -$150
-Front door lock with installed incorrectly (upside down), which could cause the lock to jam.. making it impossible to unlock even from inside... not safe. New lock and installation - $200
-Kitchen faucet leaks like crazy..water damage to counter, and more mold... new faucet $140.. (install free.. yay Daddy!)
-Room that we're using as the office was painted BRIGHT green. -new paint colour $52
-tiles around bathroom mirror done stupidly. Caulking - $19
-grout in washroom floor tiles chipping and there are gaps. Grout - $30

that about covers what we've already repaired. Then there are the things we still have to deal with:
-new roof $?
-bathtub doesn't drain properly and seems to be leaking from behind the tiles - Plumber $?
-electrical outlets not working, or just seem unsafe - Electrician $?

oh, and somewhere in there, Christmas happened! Des got an obscene amount of presents. He got more clothes than I own.. and they should last him for the next two years at least.

Then there was brunch at my parent's place. The traditional christmas breakfast..Then there was another christmas dinner at my aunt's place.. Des got even more gifts!

Then, on boxing day, we got to have our family dinner :o)

for New years, the hubby and I bought a bottle of sparkling wine, and watched rescue me on netflix. at midnight, we kissed and had our icky wine (I hate wine).. it was nice, and quiet.. just the way I like. It was our first new years, in our new home, with our new baby.

Oh! and I seem to have taken up scrapbooking. more on that after I give my sister her gift :D

so we also bought (in the past two weeks):
-a tv stand/storage unit - $199
-sectional couch - $999
-end tables (2) - $150
-Mattress, box spring, bed frame - $1183
-Four sets of good quality MATCHING sheets - $200

and tons of little stuff. we've just about reached our limit that we set on the amount of money we can spend on the house (other than the electrical/plumbing/roof).

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