Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Brace yourself, this will be a long one…I totally just bought a house.

We decided a couple of weeks ago that yes, damnit, we’re going to buy a house.
I despise where we are living right now, the only reason that we’re there is so that I am close to work.. which once I’m on mat leave won’t matter at all. It’s kind of like living in a cave. A fairly pretty cave, with a dishwasher and washer/dryer, but a cave nonetheless. I feel almost chlausterphobic there especially if I’m home alone. The cat paces like a caged lion, and I feel uneasy there as well. We have huge windows.. lovely gorgeous windows.. that we need to keep the blinds closed at all times because when they’re open, we can see into 30 or so other apartments, and they can see into ours. The windows and layout of our apartment make it so that if the blinds are open, anyone can see our *entire* apartment, and I feel like I need to escape into the bathroom to avoid people looking at me all the time. I realize this is fairly irrational, and that chances are, no one is looking at me.. but for someone with social anxiety… it’s a really hard feeling to shake.

Our new house *deep relieved sigh* is gorgeous. It backs onto a huge park, with a play structure just a few minutes walk away. The backyard itself is huge as well, with a maaaaaaaaassive tree smack in the middle of it. Not close enough to the house for the roots to cause damage to pipes and all that mess, and far enough away that it provides shade to pretty much the whole yard. It has a cute lil shed with windows and window boxes to put pretty flowers in. It has a hot tub (we’re not big on hot tubs, but then again, we’ve never owned one, so we just may be hot tub people yet). There’s a gazebo thinger that’s pretty and has netting to keep bugs out (or in, depending who you ask). It has a fairly new deck that won’t need boards replaced anytime soon.

It has a driveway. No need to pay for parking!
It has an entryway from the front door, a little tiled entrance with a closet to hang our coats (oh, and the glass in the door is stained glass). You turn left and there’s a carpeted living room with a big ol bay window (new this year!) that looks out at a pretty tree.
To the right there are stairs up to the second floor, and stairs down to a finished basement. The basement is a bit dark, but has an awesome washer and dryer that I will enjoy doing laundry with! That will be our living room.. while the upstairs room with end up being a playroom/daycare area.. The previous owners have a small child and so baby gates were installed at all the doors and stairs which is perfect for us, and they’re leaving them! 
The washer/dryer are in a dingy lil furnace room… but that’s ok, cause I don’t have to hang out in there, I can sit and watch tv in the other part of the basement :D
Behind the “living room” is a gorgeous kitchen. It’s all light wood, which I usually don’t like, but I thought it worked really well. It’s an eat in kitchen which is good for us, we’re not big on a separate dining room, and when we had one, we ended up standing and eating in the kitchen anyway.

Behind the kitchen is a mud room. (we’re gonna have a mud room!). It’s tiled, and neat and tidy, and it leads out into the backyard.
Back to the stairs, and upstairs there are three bedrooms. One is sort of a weird size, but still will work for a guestroom typa deal. There’s only one bathroom, so we’ll definitely need to put in another at one point, but that’s ok. We’ll save up for that.
The master is huge, and has two fairly big windows. It’s a hideous maroon colour with weird brown and cream stripes on one wall, so I would want to paint that room, and possibly the room that we want to use as a nursery.. right now it’s a bright green that I think is a bit icky looking and too bright for a nursery. The washroom was recently redone, and is pretty although very small.
Anyway, overall.. it’s perfect for our little family 

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