Thursday, September 22, 2011

evil wench...

So this woman has been trying to make life at work hell for me. She is a client, so I need to be "pleasant" and "professional" with her. Yesterday, I chose to speak my mind instead, but I did so with tact, and diplomacy.

Some background info.. she is a bitch. She thinks she knows more about the business that I run, than I do.. and is horribly mistaken. She believes that she could do my job.. she could not, and would get shut down, because she's moronic and far too focused on certain aspects of my job.

She complained about the number of children in a room. I changed the staffing in that room and she still complained to the government about it.. My licensing inspector called me (really nice guy!) and talked to me, I explained her insanity and my attempt to appease her insanity and he was more than impressed that I hadn't just told her to take a hike.

Yesterday, while I was on the phone with another client, she came to the front door (we have a front door with no access code, and a back door with a code, it's a 20 second walk to the back door) and rang the doorbell. She proceeded to stare at me, tapping her foot and ringing the doorbell repeatedly. I ignored her. Eventually another staff member let her in, so she rolled her eyes and huffed and puffed about my ignoring her.

She decided to wait for me to get off the phone, and then confronted me about her "concerns". She said that it's ridiculous that she should be expected to wait at the door to pick up her child while I "dick away" my time...whatever the hell that means. I explained that I was on the phone with a client, and that if it had been her on the phone, I would not have stopped that conversation to get the door for someone who has the code either. She said that if I don't "get off my lazy ass" she'll make another complaint.

I said to her.. calmly "I'd appreciate it if you left my office, and I will speak to you once you've calmed down", she obviously didn't like that, and sat down, refusing to leave. I got up and walked out..mentioning that she had been worried about hurrying inside to pick up her child, yet here she was, sitting in my office instead of picking him up.

She left, very angry with me.. :)

today, she pretended that none of it ever happened, and asked me how far along I am now! moron.

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Skwishee said...

Just a little while longer... don't punch anyone.