Wednesday, September 14, 2011

needing to vent

I'm taking my Mat leave starting November 4th. Three weeks before my due date.. and I refuse to feel guilty. I feel like shit all the time, I can't walk without pain in my hips and back, and I keep bursting into tears anytime someone is rude to me (which happens a hell of a lot in my line of work).

Today someone complained about something that I have NO control over, and then when I explained the company's policies and the fact that this particular policy has been in place since long before I was around, and that in the contract that she signed, it is VERY clear.. she told me that I'm an "insensitive bitch" who "doesn't deserve" my job.
All of this, because her child who had a fever of 102, and had vomitted twice.. was being sent home. Her whole argument was that she needs to work to pay for childcare, and we're not helping her out by sending her child home and making her miss work.

I explained that when other people's children are ill, we follow the same procedure and ensure that her child is exposed as little as possible to the ill children.. when I said that she said "then why is she sick?!?!" I felt like slapping her.

I have 37 days left of work. Thank god.


Skwishee said...

I would think that most parents would have called you an insensitive bitch if you *didn't* send the poor kid home :\

Hang in there!

Pyra said...

They would.. I guess I'd rather have one stupid parent angry with me than thirty when all their kids start puking everywhere...

The poor kid though, she was miserable :( Couldn't sleep because of the fever and just cried all day.

Some people shouldn't have kids.