Wednesday, September 7, 2011

My Grampa..

My Grandfather was a funny man, he enjoyed making puns.. he was the kinda guy that you sometimes couldn't tell if he was joking.. he poked fun (which I do too if I like you enough).

I was never close with either of my grandparents, they had an odd relationship with my mother and I have two cousins slightly younger than me, who when I was very young were pretty well abandoned by their father. They were needed by my cousins, and I got a bit lost in the shuffle I guess. I always resented the fact that they didn't seem to have much interest in me.. but I still love them both.

My grandfather always wanted to do everything himself. He's the only person on the planet who owns a sawzall.. and my dad has been borrowing it for every renovation (there have been tons) that he's ever done over the span of my lifetime.

He owned a bike shop.. and over the past while, my husband (a bicycle mechanic who works in his own father's bike shop) and I would visit my grandfather, and talk about bikes so that my grampa could talk about the past and be happy, instead of thinking about now, when he wasn't quite as capable and independant as he would have liked.

My baby is never going to meet him...

My grandfather had a heart that kept giving him trouble.

He was 88 when he died last week, and although I have way too much trouble putting how I feel about it into words... I hope that he knows how much I loved him.

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