Monday, October 17, 2011

Gestational Diabetes?

So a few weeks ago I did a glucose tolerance test. Standard for all pregnant women nowadays I've been told... Mine came back with a higher glucose level than the doctors would like.. so I need to go back. I need to fast for 12 hours (that's a bit cruel to do to a pregnant lady don't you think?) and get blood taken as a baseline, and then drink sugary crap even worse than last time.. sit around for a few hours, and then get more blood taken.. and this time, if it's still high, then I've got gestational diabetes.

Not good.

I was also told that stress can increase the risks of all sorts of things during pregnancy, and the doctor that comes in from the hospital for all of my appointments, suggested that I go on my maternity leave even earlier than I had anticipated.

I'm just incredibly scared.. I don't want to be diabetic... during, or after pregnancy. I feel like my body just isn't cut out for this. the world is punishing me for wanting a baby :(


Skwishee said...

Well, the best news would be that they caught it. It's also possible that it will have no effect - was it way high, or a little high? Also, chances are that if you do have it (which isn't even definite yet) it will go away once Spud is born.

And if you DO have to take your mat leave early, it's not the end of the world. You only had three weeks left anyway. You'll just start hanging out on my couch a wee bit early.

<3 love you.

Pyra said...

looks like this week will be my last week, and I'll be leaving two weeks earlier than I had hoped. Mat doesn't want me at work anymore.. he sees how stressed I get and how much people expect me to deal with even when I'm not there.

Mum agrees that the baby comes first, and didn't make me feel like I should stick it out, which is what I expected for some reason.. so I'm taking that as a sign that maybe I'm not just being a wuss.

It wasn't *way* high. It was 10.2 when they don't like to see it over 7.8 or something. we'll see after the blood tests on wednesday whether or not it is actually gestational diabetes.. I'll let you know

Love you too <3