Monday, October 24, 2011

Maternity leave - Day one....

so far today I've packed up a few boxes, had a nap, gotten netflix (haven't actually watched anything yet), re-read a book and watched an iron chef america marathon for three hours.

I'm paying close attention to my heart rate, and making sure to keep my feet up mostly.. but this is hard! I'm not good at sitting around anymore. ten years ago, I was great at it! >.<

hubby is out tonight, but he's promised to pick me up a series of books that I want to read.. so that should take me a few days to read through hopefully.

I don't want to only hang out at my sisters, especially not so early.. she'll get sick of me pretty quick.


Skwishee said...

Oooh.. I love Iron Chef. And Netflix. And you, so don't worry about me getting sick of you. Although.. you'd probably get sick of us - it's not just me over here ya know :P

What books are you getting?

Pyra said...

a song of ice and fire.. it's the series that game of thrones is based on.

I loved the first season of game of thrones, and supposedly the series is amazing.. so I might as well read, since I can't do much else.