Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Week 37...

So I'm not full term. Baby could come any day now.. or at least that's what everyone keeps saying.

Last night, I slept for about an hour, split up into ten minute intervals. I woke up so many times, and each time was from a different ache or cramp or pain. This is the second night that this has happened, and I'm really ready for it to stop.

between having to go to the washroom constantly and the pain.. that would be enough, but I have gestational diabetes (came about very late in my pregnancy) and it's too close to my due date to get to speak to a specialist about it, so I just need to be careful with what I eat.

Last time I went to the doctor, we couldn't determine what position the baby was in, they *think* it was head down, but couldn't be sure so I need to go for yet another ultrasound on Thursday. maybe we'll get a two out of three on the gender, but I still won't be painting anything until the baby is born

oh, right, and my blood pressure is borderline hypertensive. Yay.

I just want to have this baby and be done with the pregnancy. I desperately need whatever chemicals they are that get released in a mother's brain to make her forget just how horrible her pregnancy is...

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Skwishee said...

*hug* The new baby smell helps with that too. And the snuggles. And sleep deprivation makes you forgetful.