Wednesday, November 30, 2011

G6PD Deficiency

We had to take Des in for some blood testing, because after a week and a half, he was still quite yellow with Jaundice. One of the causes of prolonged neonatal jaundice, is a G6PD deficiency.

He tested deficient and so we have to confirm in about a month, because sometimes, the jaundice itself can cause a deficient reading.

Looking at the list of unsafe foods and drugs, it seems like it will be really difficult to avoid these things. At least with an allergy, it's fairly simple. I can't have peanuts.. you check labels and are careful.. and you're fine. but this? no ibuprofen, acetaminophen, or aspirin. no blue food colouring, peas, soy, peanuts, legumes and definitely no fava beans.. there are so many items to avoid, and I don't even know what most of them are, but they are additives and things.. so .. ugh. :o( I really hope he doesn't have this, because as diligent as I would be with what i would feed him, I would be nervous anytime he wasn't with me

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Skwishee said...

blue food colouring? weird. We are so alike. I know all about hypoglycemia now - one day after one low reading. :P

hug the baby for me. (The little one.)