Monday, November 28, 2011

thinking positively..

I've always given the hubby crap about how pessimistic he is. no matter the situation, he assumed the worst, and gets annoyed at the thought of the negative things that *could* happen.

example: we're driving along the street from our house
him: the highway is gonna be packed
me: it's sunday, there shouldn't be any traffic
him: there's always traffic, I hate this city
me: *looks around* there's no traffic honey.. the highway will be fine
him: there will be tons of traffic. we're going to be late

the conversation usually ends with me sighing loudly and saying "fine, we're going to be late"... we've never been late for anything, except for when I was in labour and we got stuck in traffic for over an hour.. but that was a bit of an extreme circumstance. It's frustrating for me, because I *have* to try to think positively, or I'll just curl up and cry all the time.

today, I'm alone with Des for the first time for a whole day.. add to that the fact that I've only had an hour and a half of sleep (Des was awake all night with horrible gas that made him scream) so I'm desperately trying to think positively.

annnnd he's awake again.


Skwishee said...

But you're coming to my house tomorrow, so YAY! :)

And you weren't really "late" to the hospital, btw... Des wasn't born for like.. 6 hours after you got there. It only counts as "late" if you have the baby in the car.

Pyra said...

nah,he meant late for the ultrasound appointment, which technically.. we got there late and then didn't even go in