Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Where do babies come from?

you'd think my husband would know, considering he watched our baby emerge.

the other night, we were discussing our son, and then my hubby mentioned "nut fish". I stared at him blankly and then he began explaining to our (thankfully only three week old and unable to understand) son how babies are made.

"so, in your nuts there are these fish. They just swim around until onnnnne day, you meet a mommy *whispers* she's not a mommy yet though, but she willlll be */end whisper* and your nut fish, swim into her baby store where there are lots of babies sleeping. and one lucky nut fish will go up and yell WAKE UP BABY! to one of the lucky babies and that baby will wake up and start growing into a person."

I let him know, gently, that I would be having the where babies come from talk with Des when the time comes.

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Skwishee said...

Surprising he doesn't know how it's done, considering you've got a newborn. :\

"nut fish." heh.