Wednesday, October 19, 2011

why are doctors so cruel!?

so I had to go for a second Glucose Tolerance Test.. this time with a syrup..ier...syrup stuff. It was gross, and actually made me a bit dizzy to drink it.

Not only did I have to drink it, but I had to fast for 12 hours first.

Take a pregnant lady, who is sick *all* the time, and tell her not to eat anything for 12 hours. Then force her to drink a bottle of syrup.. all in five minutes. Then tell her that she can't eat for three more hours, and make her sit around so you can take her blood every hour.

Is it just me, or does that sound a bit sadistic?!

On a happier note, My stroller came!

This stroller is awesome!

as a perk of my chosen profession, I get to try out hundreds of strollers, and this is by far my absolute favourite. Unfortunately, it was also BY FAR the most expensive, running about $1000.00 US.

I had given up hope that I would ever have my dream stroller. and then!!! I decided to search "uppa baby vista" on google, and kijiji/craigs list, and then finally where I found one for $499.00! Still expensive I know, but the way I see it, it's an investment. There are attachments for one more seat, and a piggy back board so three children could ride on it, and it fixes all of the issues that I have with strollers. the most important is the fact that I have a strangely long stride and tend to kick the underside of every stroller in the world. This one is perfect for me! It has a raised, curved bar so it's impossible for me to kick unless I do the can-can while I push it.. I tried it, while fun, it wasn't very efficient for getting around.

also, it comes standard with a bassinet, and rain/bug/sun shields. It has a huge undertote thinger so my purse could stick in there easily. I *heart* it.

It came today, so I put it together, and although I was told that I am "not to take the cat for a walk", he jumped in it of his own free will(!) and we strolled around the apartment until he started hissing and took off.

Now, I just need to find somewhere that sells the adapter for a graco car seat. I know they exist, but am having trouble finding somewhere to actually go buy it, I guess I'll have to order it online.

Yay stroller!

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